On some pages of the envious and haters of MyAdvertisingPays, people are trying massively to unsettle our partners by spreading false and ignorant statements. Above all, some of these people bother daily in posting their thinking they could deduce from the Alexa ranking the end of MyAdvertisingPays. Evidently, currently as well as last year, the Alexa ranking of MyAdvertisingPays is dropping.


But what has the dropping of the Alexa ranking to do now with the alleged end of MyAdvertisingPays? NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

What is Alexa?

Quote Wikipedia (translated from the German Wikipedia Site):

„Alexa was designed as a guide through the Internet. […] We wanted to catalogue the Web. [Users] should know where they are located and be shown links of pages they could visit next. This was basically the concept of the company, to show related links for each Website visited.“

– Brewster Kahle, Founder Alexa Internet Inc

Attention, now it gets interesting:

Quote Wikipedia (translated from the German Wikipedia Site):

The Alexa Rank evaluates the recorded number of visitors and thus determines the 1,000,000 most visited domains.[4]  Due to the system the rank is at this point no longer representative and erroneous. The fact that the information included in the assessment of the sites that is gathered through automated monitoring of only the toolbar users, has another adverse effect on the meaningfulness of the Alexa rank. It is therefore based on a non-representative sample. Due to this inadequate sample Alexa overestimates the real scope of specific Websites by a factor of 50; this was proven by the Google researcher Norvig with a sample analysis.[5][6]

Yes, it is true. The ranking of MyAdvertisingPays drops daily at Alexa!

Alexa Ranking MAP

When we were in Biloxi, we of course showed Mike Deese (CEO of MAP) the Alexa ranking. He just shook his head and confirmed our suspicion. The traffic continues to increase on the MyAdvertisingPays site. But even last year a strong decrease was seen at Alexa, even beyond the 8000 points. As a brief explanation: The lower the score, the more traffic a Website has. Of course, Google is in top 1 position in Germany.

Position 1
Position 2 Facebook
Position 3 Youtube
Position 4 Amazon
Position 5

Source: Status as of 02.03.2016

Now comes the point that one must distinguish between Alexa and Google Analytics. As was written in Wikipedia already, at Alexa, everything is only based on estimates and projections, how much traffic MAY PROBABLY BE on a specified site. There is another important fact with Alexa that one should know about. One can have the exact amount of traffic displayed if one wanted to. This costs money on a monthly basis. Look here:

Preise Alexa

Up to this point everything is not too bad. However, Alexa is very criticized when it comes to data protection. To get the real traffic values of a Website shown by Alexa, a file has to be installed on the server where the Website is located. To this, Mike Deese said very clearly, that he does not want this and he also does not see any reason for it. After all, he is already using Google Analytics.

In order for Alexa to extrapolate roughly how much traffic is on a site, the data from the most sites (as well as from the Website of which was gathered from about 25,000 users worldwide that have installed the Alexa Toolbar (, is used to make a projection about how many users would maybe visit that site worldwide. This would be similar to predicting the number of TV viewers of the show „Musikantenstadl“ of the ARD television station. The television business also has installed a kind of black box for single households throughout Germany. These households have agreed to submit their television viewing habits to a central location, that uses these data values of the few participating people to extrapolate how many people in all of Germany may have watched the „Musikantenstadl“ show. Are these real numbers then? Not very likely!

Proof: (please use Google Translator to get the gist of this German article).

Here is another example: Hassloch. A place in Rheinland-Pfalz. Here is, for example, a huge Real supermarket. The Hassloch population is testing its products there. What do the residents buy, do they like it or not? So, Hassloch residents decide which products are going to be placed in stores throughout Germany. Are those again real values for all of us? Also not very likely!

Proof: (please use Google Translator to get the gist of this German article).

Lets now look at some other facts!

Warning of MYADVERTISINGPAYS at VERBRAUCHERSCHUTZ E.V. (Consumer Protection Association)

Yes, it has come this far. Everyone can simply call him- or herself anything, even „Consumer Protection Association.“ Whether those then have Mafia structures or not, we just leave it at that for now. But, when the official genuine Center of Consumer Protection is warning consumers about the „wannabe“ consumer protection which is billing companies a fee for its seal of approval, the alarm bells should be ringing in everyones mind.

Here is the report from the official Center of Consumer Protection: use Google Translator to get the gist of this German article).


As a reaction to this statement, everyone should please look at this six-month evaluation; it comes directly from Google Analytics. At the bottom right of the diagram you’ll see the date of the data snapshot, the 26th of January 2016. That was when we were with Mike and looked at his laptop. At this moment I could only give a weary smile toward these negative reports and the alleged drop in traffic.


See for yourself:

Traffic 6 Monate MAP

What you can see is that the traffic has continued to grow.

For the non-professionals amongst you I’d like to add, that in this case a file from Google is placed on the server of MyAdvertisingPays. That is why these numbers are 100% real and genuine. No estimation! As you can see, the data line moves upwards. I have specially taken the entire screenshot as evidence. We have nothing to hide (except for Mike’s own email address). Look at the date at the right bottom (American format, first the month followed by day and year). On the right top you’ll see the name of the Website, the shown data is for. Because only a single site has been designated for this account, only this one page will be shown under that account. One can designate also several Websites for the same account. In this case, I have seen only this one page with my own eyes. I am also a user of Google Analytics myself.

Here is another graphic that shows more clearly the differences in obtained traffic data between Google Analytics and Alexa Ranking for the exact same time period:

Vergleich Alexa mit Analytics

What other numbers have we also gotten? The Google Analytics results from the beginning. What are you seeing? A steady growth!


Traffic Map 24 Monate

I am already hearing some people say: Look there. At May 2014. There is something wrong. Yes, we already asked about it and got it clarified. During that time, no data was recorded, because the site was moved onto a different server and the Google Analytics file was not yet associated with the account.

Further numbers and facts. Lets look at the last 30 days:

30 Tage MAP

Does this data line look as though the traffic is dropping downwards, as was claimed? Look at this incredible number of page views (


A few months ago (August-September 2015) this number was still at:


Look at this:

As of September 2015

Because percentage losses of the rankings at Alexa are already being posted on MAP haters‘ pages on a daily basis, I am feeling free to express the real numbers also as a percentage. Lets use the numbers from September 2015 up to January 2016.

From 80,027,859 page views to 112,020,526 page views!

That would be a smooth increase of the page views of 39% within just 5 months! A dream for every Website operator, isn’t it?

Here is another important number: The current number of visitors that are viewing the site just now. Really. With Google Analytics you can see how many visitors are currently surfing your site. The time of 4:05 pm in Biloxi means a difference of 7 hours to our German time where it would be 11:05 pm at night already (Germany is one of the biggest traffic sources for MyAdvertisingPays). In the middle of the week. Nevertheless, a total number of

2033 users

were surfing the site simultaneously!

aktive User MAP

To clarify this further: Some sites that are reporting negatively about MAP would dream about these visitor counts if they had it over an entire month. At MyAdvertisingPays, this many visitors were surfing the site in just this one second, when this screenshot was taken.


Based on all of this evidence every normal person should be able to grasp that the traffic numbers in truth are continuing to grow and not falling! The begrudger and haters of MAP should now also realize that their statements were more than just inaccurate. The MAP partners can now realize that only true facts are counting!

Now, here is another false statement or interpretation:

Only 50,000 people would really be active at MyAdvertisingPays

Here, the reference is made to the Adhitz seller.

For once, every envier should be able to recognize that there is, as admitted by Adhitz themselves, an external provider who is apparently paying money to MyAdvertisingPays only so that people are going to the Website of MyAdvertisingPays, where banners from Adhitz are advertised that are being paid $0.25 per click. Everyone can test this if wanted:

This screenshot was made on 02.02.2016 at about 8:30 pm. As you can see, currently it shows even just 45,151 unique users there. Of course, now one should know what is a unique user (a unique visit).


Quote: Wikipedia: unique user


A unique visit is a metric of the access frequency of a Website. Each IP address is only counted once during a given time period, no matter how often it hits the Website or how many elements are downloaded over it. …

Of course, the question arrises that our beloved enviers don’t seem to understand. START of confusion and scaremongering: The argument is that with 240,000 users not 50,000 members would click on the MAP site or visit it. Therefore, there do not exist 240,000 members at MAP, but only those same 50,000 people.

Here comes the most important information that our half-knowing experts of bedraggled conversation don’t quite seem to understand. Which page is counted here? I know the answer: the main page This means in plain language that on this page alone about 50,000 visitors are coming to surf. Now a question to all MAPper: Which page are you opening to get into your account? I also know the answer to this question already. Here too, Google Analytics shows precisely who is coming how onto which page.

Place 1 takes the direct Login page:

Is this page counted at Adhitz? No, definitely not. Because no banners from Adhitz are advertised on this page. Not a single banner. none at all! But how many banners can you find on the main page of MyAdvertisingPays? Count it, I came up with 13!

Proof from Google Analytics:

active Pages

The main page is not even shown, so infinitesimal is the share of users going directly to it. Anyway, it isn’t even listed in the top 10! To deduce from that how many active MAPper are even existing, or that something may be declining or falling, has absolutely nothing to do with the number of unique users.

What I want to say so that everyone can understand it is that about 50,000 visitors (multiple visits are not counted) are going daily to the main page of MAP. Partner are going for the most part directly to the Login page and than into MAP. This is indeed mirrored by the similar percentage of logouts. Yet another piece of information is that each click on an advertised banner is bringing MyAdvertisingPays at least $0,25 in revenue. Therefore, the statement of wannabe experts is unfortunately completely wrong and thus disproved!

More fabrications

Every MAPper who introduces another person to MAP, is standing with one leg already in jail. The prosecution would already be investigating. The police is already looking into it, etc.

To keep it short, nothing but fabrications. No tax authority in America is currently investigating against MAP. Mike has been very surprised about this statement. There is nothing to it, he said, absolutely nothing. The market for affiliates was closed in America. But the advertising market is continuing to be active. But that is exactly what some of the narrow-minded people aren’t getting. Once more very clearly:

MAP as an affiliate program left the American market. MAP as an advertising platform is not leaving the American market!

Got that?

I would never dare to write about something that suggested doing something illegal. Why not? One might equate such writing to giving legal advice. Or turn the thought around. Should it turn out that you did not start your business because you were given false information on the known MAP-hater sites, one should be able to hold liable that person by implication and especially be held responsible for damages and compensate you for your lost earnings, right?

Here too I have gone the extra mile and asked a well known professor „Dr. Lawyer“ (I am deliberately leaving out his name, otherwise there will be letters again to my lawyers, whether this was true, as has happened before), an expert in German Economics and Criminal Law. For that, one should exactly understand and know the business relationship, who might be going to do which businesses with whom here.

Clear statement here: False information and scaremongering. The police were already in Munich at our event last spring and interrogated me personally about this event. They were called and now had to come involuntarily. So far, nothing came from the police or prosecution. If they should come, I have nothing to hide.

The next false statement

A class action lawsuit runs already against MyAdvertisingPays

On request, asking both Mike and one of his well-known law firm in America this statement was confirmed to be false. All affiliate partners were paid. But everyone wanting to be paid had to be verified accordingly. There are clear laws regarding money. Each country is under control on money laundering. America also.


Is it envy that motivates people to launch such hate campaigns or is it the frustration to have bet on other horses and to have gone under with it? Or is it maybe that no sex-related products were allowed to be advertised on MyAdvertisingPays and the account is going to be closed after multiple violations or even has been closed in this case? Especially one of the bigger MAP haters now turns out to be a writer of different Ebooks about sex. He represents himself as a great Internet marketer but he doesn’t even know Ralf Schmitz and other good Internet marketer who certainly earn at least a 1000 times as much as he could ever dream to achieve.

The first generation of haters and negative blogger has become happy MAPpers, the second guard of blogger gathers diligently traffic at the expense of MAP and shows this even publicly. Some unknown and insignificant sites have appeared out of nothing just by posting one negative report. Years of failure with the site, barely visitors, the one negative report appears and the tables are turned. Hasn’t then MAP brought these envious people success? How dirty is it, to write negative stuff just to make money with it?

But the success of MAP answered all the arguments, no matter how false they were or how full of hatred!

Whoever shouts the loudest is not always right!

Please continue reading here. Rainer is explaining once again the pyramid scheme (for some people everything that earns you money is a pyramid scheme) and mainly, Rainer is answering the question about how MyAdvertisingPays is earning the money.

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