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MAP 2.0 Release!!!

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My Advertising Pays - MAP 2.0 Launch



The long anticipated and patiently awaited release of our new platform is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th at 9:00 AM UK time! Here’s how its going to go down. MAP 1.0 is now offline and put to rest…RIP!!! Over the weekend we will be transferring all 1.0 data to the new 2.0 platform. VX will be going offline and relaunch on the same schedule as stated above. If there are any delays, please watch for them on this blog.

**Please take note**

1) This is a brand new site that is going to have thousands of affiliates logging in at the same time. PLEASE know that there are going to be errors as it always happens with new software no matter how much testing you do. So we ask you to please submit a support ticket to the category “Website Bugs/Errors”. Our team of programmers will be standing by to tackle new problems as they arise. We have been testing now for almost two months so we hope errors are kept to a minimum. But PLEASE be patient with us! Sigue leyendo MAP 2.0 Release!!!